Healthcare PR requires an understanding of medical science. Isense PR is probably one among the very few agencies that carries the requisite qualification and experience. Having worked with several pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, the team brings an in-depth understanding and PR expertise to the table. Isense PR offers the following services in healthcare public relations:

Health awareness PR campaigns
Isense PR has the capability to build public visibility for large scale healthcare awareness programs, patient awareness programs and disease state awareness programs. Our people have worked on heart disease, obesity and lifestyle awareness programs, medical therapy awareness programs for organ transplant, spine surgery, deep-vein thrombosis, osteoporosis, nutrition awareness and several such campaigns.

Hospital PR
Our people at Isense PR have worked with hospitals to build visibility for their services and patient programs. We have the expertise it takes to work with doctors and paramedical staff to bring out stories narrating medical miracles, technology marvels and delicate surgical procedures that have transformed the lives of patients.

Medical Therapy PR
Isense PR offers pharmaceutical companies and brands to promote their key therapeutic areas. Our people have worked with pharma and medical device companies to build awareness on several specialties like neuro, spine, CVD, Bariatric surgery, orthopaedic, diabetes, oncology and many other such specialties.

PR for Pharma and medical device companies
Isense PR also offers corporate PR services for companies manufacturing pharmaceutical products and medical devices. For companies we can develop a strategic communication programs to build corporate goodwill, promote investments, research and development capabilities, CSR programs and corporate visibility.