Media monitoring plays crucial role in reputation management. It is important to know whether people are thinking positively or negatively about your brand across various forms of media. You need to understand the tonality and know how your brand’s share of voice is performing across various media platforms and how it is holding up against competition. Isense PR has access to tools and resources that can help gather relevant information to shape your communication campaign. We can bring in some of the best tools in the industry to monitor traditional media like digital news, print media and social media. We can help you analyze the data, spot trends and patterns and report insights that can be extremely useful in a PR campaign.

Our media intelligence services include:

  • Scanning and tracking online, print, and broadcast news for brand and competitor coverage
  • Scanning and tracking all online and print news and reporting industry updates
  • Social media network monitoring
  • Reporting insights relevant to the brand, industry, or competition