Isense PR offers a full range of social media management services to power your brand’s voice. Social media may be a powerful communication asset however it also happens to be one of the fastest shifting subsets of marketing. Hence, it is important to understand which social media channel is relevant for your brand and what kind of audience you can engage with to achieve your business goals. So whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify or any new social media rage, Isense PR can help you make sense of the social media-verse.

Our social media management services include:

  • Social media strategy: This means we will study which tools may be useful for your business and help you develop a robust social media content strategy. We will make sure to synergize your social media strategy with your PR strategy, to ensure a seamless and coordinated communication effort.
  • Social media creatives: Our creative support team will assist with developing interesting and engaging visual content and posts which will help you interact with your audience and generate interest towards your brand. We can create a schedule of posts in advance and plan an optimum timeline to post them.
  • Community management: We will work toward engaging with your audience across all your social media channels with timely customer responses and meaningful conversations.
  • Paid social media: if you have a budget to spare to boost your posts, we will ensure we spend it wisely. We will work toward delivering the right ads on the right platforms with the right messages.
  • Reporting: We will analyze progress and report results on a monthly basis of which posts perform best. Our reports will give you a breakdown of impressions, demographics and which hastags lead to more engagement on your posts.